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SkyView Thermography and Media Services uses state-of-the-art aerial drones and sensors to provide customers with an affordable alternative to aerial media. Offering still pictures and video in either RGB format or thermal, STMS gives you the residential or commercial media you need for marketing, sales, evaluation, and inspection.

All aerial missions are conducted in accordance with FAA regulations and are meticulously planned with the goal of safety to person and property. Waivers are obtained if the operation needs to be conducted outside standard FAA regulations. We carry liability insurance for both the thermography practice and the use of unmanned aerial systems.

Comprehensive reports are provided within 24 hours of completion of any thermographic examination. Customers receive both digital and hard copies of reports along with an assessment and recommendations. 


  Our Services  

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Home Inspections

Buying a home? Reveal potential problems hiding in your walls, doors, and windows. Do you suspect a leak? Assess the potential damage without putting holes in your walls. 

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Aerial Media

Want a different perspective? Aerial photography and videography allow you to present a subject from a different perspective that is both eye-catching and unique.

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Solar Panel Health

Are your solar panels and breaker panel operating as they should? Aerial thermography can pinpoint a variety of anomalies and allow repairs to occur before the damage grows.

What is Thermography?

On the ground, thermography is utilized to evaluate the presence of water or air intrusion, defects in insulation or absence of insulation, as well as the status of a variety of mechanical and electrical structures.

Aerial thermography specifically focuses on any dysfunctions or impairments present in residential solar panels and commercial rooftops.

SkyView Thermography

SkyView Thermography

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